Reval launches enhanced SaaS TRM solution

Reval has released a new version of its all-in-one Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution for Treasury and Risk Management (TRM). The company claims the new solution offers enhanced Enhanced TRM Capabilities for data visualization, analytics and compliance to allow treasurers to better help their organisations expand globally.

Reval 14.0 is the first of two annual upgrades and includes an improved, flexible and dynamic dashboard and reporting capabilities that provide treasurers with an integrated and global view of exposures, derivatives and cash positions, in real time.

The configurable reports enabling treasury to aggregate and view information in various ways, according to specific user and entity preferences. Access and presentation across various data sources allows for advanced analysis and informed, strategic decision-making.

Philip Pettinato, Reval’s Chief Technology Officer, commented: “Companies are more than multinational, they are global. As companies enter new and emerging markets and work toward corporate growth mandates, treasuries need the operational foundation and the capabilities for cross-collaboration, better communication, and compliance with emerging regulatory requirements. Reval 14.0 builds upon the integrated nature of our single-version SaaS TRM solution to enable treasurers to lead their organizations, globally.”