Comada upgrades M.A.T.ware to meet AIFMD requirements

Hedge fund software developer Comada has released a new update for its M.A.T.ware technology for investors in alternative funds.

The update meets the new reporting requirements of regulators, including those introduced by the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) this week, as well as including a UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reporting module to meet FCA Client Assets requirements.

The new release fully integrates cash management by combining cash from FX dealing, credit and position exposures into comprehensive view and projection features. It also includes enhanced liquidity features which recognise that hedge fund investors increasingly invest in a wide variety of illiquid assets like private equity and less-liquid securities.

The release also delivers asset / liability management reporting to assist organisations in managing those risks that may arise from mismatches in liquidity.

Said Dave Shastri, co-founder of Comada said: “The global regulatory environment for both investors in hedge funds and their custodians has changed enormously in the last few years. Comada has been reacting to this by enhancing both the suite of regulatory reporting tools we make available to our clients, and the detailed cash management and liquidity data they require to support that reporting.”

Rupert Vaughan Williams, co-founder of Comada, added: “While prized for its straight-through-processing capabilities, Comada’s M.A.T.ware software is also highly regarded because of the additional live portfolio data it delivers to hedge fund investors. Our latest release allows this data to be used to meet new regulatory demands in an efficient and timely manner.”