Santander-commissioned bitcoin study seeking experts

Bitcoin Pounds Gold

Banking giant Santander has allocated “insight network” Yegii a $5000 budget to explore the impact that crytocurrencies will have on banks, it has been revealed.

Yegii, which was founded by MIT Sloan School of Management lecturer Trond Undheim, is now looking to compile a “dream team” formed of a bitcoin expert, a management expert, a data scientist or data engineer, a banker, an academic, a student and a project manager. According to Undheim, the study has been commissioned by Julio Faura, Santander’s Head of Corporate Development, who is looking for an “outside perspective” on bitcoin.

To source their team, the company is calling for the “bitcoin curious” to contribute their insights. Those interested should register through the site and submit a proposal outlining how they would approach the question of bitcoin’s impact on banks. The deadline is tomorrow, 27th August.