EMP opens new office in the UAE


The electronic payments developer Emerging Markets Payments Limited (EMP) has opened a new office in Dubai, signalling the next step of its expansion across the Arab Gulf Area, the company has announced.  

EMP creates payment platforms for countries with cash-centric economies that are moving towards plastic. It currently works with 130 banks and 30,000 retailers across the Middle East and Africa in 2011, the company bought out Visa Jordan, helping it to penetrate the Levant region. It is now looking to strengthen its presence in the Gulf Area, beginning with the UAE.

“EMP is proud to have been a leader in the development of the electronic payments industry across Africa for over a decade,” said Paul Edwards, Executive Chairman of EMP. “We believe that our expansion into the Arab Gulf Area is an important strategic step for our business, given the sophisticated financial services sector in the region and the willingness to adopt the latest electronic payments technologies.”

The Dubai office will also double as an International Disaster Recovery (IDR) site, according the Naeem Kola, EMP’s Chief Financial Officer.