Synapps launches new tool to tackle audit trail build-up

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) specialist Synapps has set its sights on combating endlessly mounting audit trails with its latest product, ConXAudit.

The tool seeks to tackle ECM audit proliferation by transforming these into highly indexed forms, making them easier to work with.

The audit trail feature that is built into ECM platforms is used by many firms for quality control and compliance. Its usefulness is often outweighed, however, by the sheer volume of data generated by the trail, which can quickly grow into millions of rows and is extremely hard to process or to navigate.

Synapps says that many of its customers have reported this to be a major problem, but claims that its ConXAudit tool is able to open up the hefty audit trail databases, making it easier to use the data for reporting and KPI purposes. The tool is centred on a graphical interface that can be used to conduct statistical analysis and represent the data visually, making it easier to interpret.

One of the first customers of ConXAudit is a major transport entity which has turned an audit database with 65 million rows in it into a useful management dashboard after years of problems,” said Mark Winstone, Sales and Marketing Director at SynApps, adding that he considers this to be a “”truly mission-critical, useful business tool.”